trading, video production, development, esport, gaming, booth construction and container modification
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    Container Solution

    Offshore and Onshore container trading and conversion.
    Everything could be done with Europe/American Standard as per customer requirement. Contact us for more information.

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    In & Export

    Start your own shop. We can provide everything from product design to shipping services. Just give us your brand name and color, start selling merchandise and grow your business.

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    Video production

    Live event production is our passion. We have the equipment needed to capture the best footage; and know how to edit film to showcase the most important moments at your event.

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    Gaming Sponsoring

    Tigton is searching for sponsoring cooperations. Contact tobias to get in touch with 60.000+ gamers for your product presentation.

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    Esport brands

    With our brand ``EuroElite`` we build successful German speaking clans. As a platform for mobile gaming germany, we provide the largest verified discord server.

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    tournament organisation

    The organization of an event is not a one-person task, but it does require a leader who takes the responsibility of making the important or final decisions. With it's 40 employees tigton can work it out for you.